militant unbounded love for my femmes of color always

Among being aware of the danger my sister and her son live due to domestic violence
Among a legal battle over land my mother fought for w/ a greedy father unknown to me
Among a friend being threatened with violence by their partner to not leave them
And another coming clean about being sold for sex
I now realize my internalized fear of intimacy with men is valid
How it’s informed by a proximity with women who fear for their life on the daily
The thing about patriarchy is that it comes with its particularities
Because you wont really know which of the women I speak of are undocumented, transgender, and/or in college
Or how the world wont do enough to alleviate the violence
So I wont try to love a broken boy into a man again
Until the world understands how we’re all implicated in femecide
The day you let him speak over her
The day you let him feel entitled to her body
Is the day you sign permission slips for unmarked graves
And motherless children

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