on witches who fight to heal

what good is a witch who cannot heal

as good as a witch who cannot cast a hex

who cannot make do when the devil comes knocking on their door

a kind of witch who bare their wounds to the world in desperation

forgetful of times of war

forgets that healing hurts too

when wounds are spread open and salted

cross a wall of fire to find power on the other side

behind an intent to heal must come a will to fight

dig into rotting parts

vomit all the vile poured in our mouths that we’ve called love

a pound of flesh to force the hand of God, would you do it

you’ll be surprised what you will do when you’ve played all your cards and nothing worked

make back alleys your home

your mouth a credit card

cornered in, would you bare your teeth

lay in your fangs, bite, hard

they’ve always called us crazed

cleansed us in fire down cuz we took matters to our own hands

plucking off my sisters one by one

what would you do huh

worship the dirt underneath our fingernails

who to make room for the blows that give you life

the blows which are to come

the blows you’ve yet to launch


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