early childhood (mis)education

if you parent to control
if you teach to control
a youth’s actions
if you seek to project onto others
your version of themselves
your version of intellect
your version of proper
if your desired outcomes are not self-agency for ones interests, story, or body
you choke the light out of possibility
just b/c someone choked the light out of you
b/c you hold on to your pain so beautifully
so much so
you’ve forgotten what free choice tastes like
doesn’t make your practice right
your way is not the only way
the roads which had their way with you
are not the same roads of our youth
so do NOT normalize self-abnegation
due to your inability to shape-shift
to meet the needs of our youth
to meet the needs of our future
you don’t know everything for everyone
you may not always know what’s best
what may work for you may not work for them
and that’s okay
it’s okay
it’s okay

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